Quilting E2E NM Wood trim

E2E NM Wood 2 Trim 90in

Just testing new trim-able design on Gammill. Thank you Stephanie Fincke for sharing this photo and video!

This design is 90 in wide. Set one repeat and number of rows you need. Trim sides to your quilt size. You may slow down your machine to 50% speed.

Have fun quilting!










New Log cabin designs

Click here: New Log cabins designs

Thank you for Marcia Henry who shared her quilting using our new designs.

IMG_1517 Marcia Henry Spring Flower logcabin Marcia Henry Spring Flower logcabin2 (600x400)Marcia Henry Sunflower logcabin (400x600)Marcia Henry Sunflower logcabin2NM Spring Flower logcabin (400x400) P2P NM Sunflower logcabin (400x400) Triangle NM Spring Flower block (400x400) P2P NM Sunflower Logcabin (400x400)

Quilted lately

20150916_164530 (600x450) 20151006_132737 (600x449) 20151014_133023 (600x450) 20151015_111300 (600x450)

New patterns quilted



E2E NM Birdsong layout (400x400)




20150724_182951_resized (800x533)

E2E NM Spring Flowers layout (400x400).jpg














Quilted patterns – Most popular

Desktop (400x252)










E2E NM Water drops

E2E NM Water drops simple

E2E NM Geometry 4 (400x252)











E2E NM Geometry 3

E2E NM Geometry 4

August 2014 Specials quilted!

Check out “Specials of the Month”


E2E NM Waterdrops on quilts

Here is the most popular, fun and very cool patter E2E NM Waterdrops, also check simple version E2E NM Waterdrops simple for less density quilting. This is my very first pattern that I created to represent raindrops on water surface. It was special request from customer and the beginning of my digitizing adventure. You going to love it!

Waterdropps_5 Waterdropps_4 Waterdropps_3 Waterdropps_2 Waterdropps_1

More Folkart Flowers quilts

I am happy to share more pictures. E2E NM Folkart Flowers

Pamela Loree E2E NM Folkart Flowers















And Block 1 NM Folkart Flower

Thank you Pam and Rebekah for sharing with us! Have fun quilting!

Rebekah Richardson Block 1 NM Folkart Flowers

Block set NM Hexagon Clematis Quilt – Quilted

This quilt was pieced by Judy Britton and I quilted it for her. I used designs from Block set NM Hexagon Clematis.

You may check also Border set NM Clematis

Quilted patterns

Hello to all!

Day 3 on the Market!

I would like to say “Thank you” to all my new customers being nice and patient with me. I had improved some things on the website already. It is never ending learning process to me. Please let me know if you have any questions, so I can fix it. More then anything I am exited to go back to my creation mode.

Today I receive first customer respond about my pattern and I am happy to post photos. Please share with us and send more photos. Thank you Patricia Baird (New Mexico)

E2E NM Folkart Flowers