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My name is Natalia Majors -Wojciechowicz. I am a Longarm quilter, Designer, Artist and owner of Sunstone Quilting Company.

I established  Sunstone Quilting Company in 2009 and provide longarm quilting services using the Gammill Professional Hand Guided Machine (26” Plus Optimum) and in 2010 upgraded it to a Statler Computerized System. My background is in oil painting, Fine Arts Teaching and Architectural Drafting. I love watercolor medium, fiber arts, dyeing and fabric painting, hand and machine knitting, tapestry, Art Quilts, Folk Art, beading, weaving, felting and all kinds of Art and Crafts.

I am also Alpaca owner and exploring fiber arts by using my own fiber.

I hope you will enjoy my Galleries!

Natalia Majors -Wojciechowicz

Feel free to contact me by e-mail if you would like me to quilt for you, embroider and digitize pattern

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Fort Collins, CO 80524